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To hold a raffle/draw, you need to register with your local authority, unless tickets are to be sold at an event and the winner announced at that event. If you wish to sell tickets to people outside of the event, and not members of the event, then you need small lotteries registration under the gambling act 2005. This caters for all raffles/draws taking under £20,000 in any one draw, or a total of less than £250,000 in a year. (If you intend to raise more than these limits you will come under Large Lotteries - please consult your council)  

The cost of each ticket must be same i.e. you cannot have reduction in price for quantity e.g. Ticket £1 - book of 5 for £4.

Printing required on each ticket is as follows:-

Name of Organisation

Promoters name and address - as registered with local authority


Date and place of draw

Price of each ticket

Name of local authority the organisation is registered with

Although not a legal requirement some authorities request that the registration number is printed on all tickets

If you fill in our order form completely you will be supplying all the information that needs to be included on the tickets.

For further information regarding legal requirements, contact your local council, or check out their web site.

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